Case study


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The challenge was to build a video production pipeline on a budget, and validate a target of 1.5 to 2% signup rate for YouTube when it comes to organic lead generation.



We created a complete production pipeline, outsourcing as many aspects of production as possible, while keeping costs down.

The process entailed:

  • We used existing positioning and audience research documents, as well as value proposition resources to create content that would resonate.
  • Setup of studio environment, including equipment and recording best-practices. Broadcast quality under €5000. Designed for fast content production with prompter, direct to OSB recording, in-camera color correction, quality audio and easy to edit multi-camera setup.
  • Outsourcing video editing, thumbnail design and social media management.
  • Standardizing processes enables weekly output of quality YouTube content and sustainable organic growth.


The experiment highlighted the immense value of video content in brand building, with an impressive 3% email signup rate for every 100 video views.

We worked with Peter on several projects. On each occasion we were taken by his beyond professional work ethics, his full of heart approach, and by a key sense for aesthetics. We also learned a lot from him. If you want someone to work on your marketing who is a veteran of many projects, has a systematic approach, brings useful ideas to the table, and creates aesthetically pleasing work, do not hesitate to get in touch with him!
Adam Tasnadi
Co-founder at Redi, Advisor FreelancePizza