Case study

APO Group

Pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service.


B2B sales team needs all the help they can get, especially when it comes to building trust and educating target customers.



The solution was to arm sales representatives with content that is there to help them solve key pain points for the customer.

The process entailed:

  • Mapping out key pain points in an in-house trainings and by conducting interviews of sales reps to establish baseline practices
  • Writing solutions to these pain point, and then codifying them as key talking points that can be used for sales scripts
  • Setup of sales automations, lead scoring and bucketing based on different criteria
  • Creation of pre-approved sales documents, case studies and scripts


The advanced sales materials helped APO Group’s sales reps achieve a growth of 1.8x in their existing business pipeline, as well as a growth of 7.5x in their new business pipeline.

Everything was designed in a way that prioritised value generation, and we received highly actionable insight as to which direction to develop our marketing efforts.
Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard
Founder, APO Group