Case study


Educational platform for freelancers.


FreelancePizza has a diverse audience, as the target audience can be segmented into at least 10 different personas. The challenge thus was to find and address the pain points of these groups individually.



The solution was to segment the messaging for the audience, this meant asking for additional info on the subscriber as the signup process happens, and then to build tailored email marketing and product experiences.

The process entailed:

  • Identifying existing audiences for the projects, inducing 5 industry segmentations, as well as 2 different experience levels (a total of 2x5=10 profiles)
  • Designing different email nurture sequence for the two different customer experience levels, including setup of lead magnets with additional user questions
  • Planning the segments out in MIRO, taking into account different tags, groups, as well as lead magnets, in order to filter out outliers (people downloading multiple lead magnets, re-subscribers etc..) Each email nurture sequence contained customized segments, talking directly to the main points of the target profile, at different stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Setup of KPIs and tracking for each of these personas.


The segmented email marketing campaigns resulted in a 138% increase in conversion rate.

We worked with Peter on several projects. On each occasion we were taken by his beyond professional work ethics, his full of heart approach, and by a key sense for aesthetics. We also learned a lot from him. If you want someone to work on your marketing who is a veteran of many projects, has a systematic approach, brings useful ideas to the table, and creates aesthetically pleasing work, do not hesitate to get in touch with him!
Adam Tasnadi
Co-founder at Redi, Advisor FreelancePizza